What to Expect

Exceeding Your Expectations

At Wyoming Dental Implants, we believe in delivering more than just dental services. Our mission is to provide an exceptional dental experience that goes beyond your expectations. Your journey to a healthier smile begins with a consultation, where we take the time to understand your dental needs and aspirations. Our dental professionals will work closely with you, using advanced diagnostics to create a Digital Smile Design tailored just for you. The result? A beautiful, healthy smile that enhances your confidence and quality of life. Your journey to a better smile starts here. Schedule your dental consultation at Wyoming Dental Implants today.

Our Process

Welcoming You to Our Family

We are thrilled to have you join our dental family. Our dedicated and experienced dental team, along with your personal dental guide, will accompany you throughout your journey. We are committed to making your experience comfortable, personalized, and rewarding.

Creating Your Smile Blueprint

The second step of your consultation is to discuss your smile. We'll understand how your current dental condition impacts your life and what you desire from your new smile. Your input will guide us in crafting a unique treatment plan that meets your needs and expectations.

Diagnostics – Designing Your Digital Smile

Advanced digital diagnostics form the cornerstone of our consultation and treatment process. We employ an intraoral scanner and CBCT machine to obtain high-resolution images of your mouth and jawbone. Using this data, we digitally design your smile, factoring in the color, shape, and size of each tooth to the final bridge size. These diagnostics also aid in virtual surgery planning and the creation of a custom surgical guide, ensuring precise results in less time.

Treatment Plan

We present you with a range of treatment options based on your smile goals and diagnostic results. We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach; instead, we design dental treatments that are as unique as our patients. You can select the treatment plan that aligns with your smile goals, oral health requirements, and financial constraints.

Cost & Payment Options

Financing your dental treatment should not be a stressful task. We work with reputable dental financing companies to provide you with flexible, low monthly payment options that fit within your budget. The application process is quick, and we'll assist you in setting up a payment plan that suits you best.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

To know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants, we encourage you to answer a few questions and learn more about our pricing and financing options.

Dental Implants
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